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Heal & strengthen your inner health


Learning highest self-worth, self-love & self-respect that leads to highest sens of self!

Success in our inner health comes with you getting a really clear picture that it is vital to take care of yourself! Having a high self-worth means that you automatically don't engage in bad behaviour, because you know you deserve better, you feel it deep in your core. You give good to others, but you also make sure to demand good in return. One has simply learned the importance of liking to take care of oneself.

"If you haven't learned to like taking care of yourself, you will feel at home among those who don't take care of you!"

I've heard during my upbringing "that you should be part of bad things to become stronger & not become weak" but they forget that not everyone makes it through at all, some can't bear to live anymore & take their own lives.

There will be very bad results from the bad things that happen; When you are involved in trauma, mental & physical abuse,  you usually had to fight extremely hard & felt very bad for many years along the way by feeling all the effects this brings. You need to take good support around you, do daily processing to be able to move on towards health again & be the one who with all what you have to break the generation's pattern. Other people instead become hard, shut down & some become so sick that they start to hurt others instead really badly. There are those who are in the end of their lives in mental illness, they have lived their whole lives in an acceptance of bad, they can be angry, bitter & not understand themselves, why they are not doing well in areas where others have received it's good, when they have fought at least as much, but unfortunately they haven't been taught the importance of being able to take the right decisions & dont know what good steps to move forward in. Some don't understand their own ability to be able to create better for themselves himself in, for example; currage to stop bad things, set limits, speak out, go against the flow, demanding better, stand up, get good help, leave, take care of yourself, build a good environment around you, build & choose good relationships, get good professional help to get out of & fix things. They miss the chance for a a life filled with pleasure, to reach their dreams, to feel warmth, inner health & love! 

- Being involved in terrible things doesn't always make us stronger!

What actually makes us strong is when we have been taught growing up how to solve & handle the bad things that happen in a good way. If you haven't been taught that, whether you grow up in a "calm" home or a "hard" home, both cases will not know how to handle bad things in a good way when it comes up, they will find it difficult to navigate right in the bad, get stuck in it or lose themselves in it.

So it's not that bad things in itself that makes us stronger, but the real reason why we become stronger, is all the steps YOU get through & break the generational pattern, all the choices & effort YOU put in to create better for you or your loved ones, that YOU choose to fight until you find a good solution! You thus teach yourself along the way how to handle & solve things for the better. It is not a given that everyone will get there & it happens in that case because YOU are doing so fantastic & groundbreaking!

A step further, is to dare to share what you learned that worked for you, so others can get that support & find their success from your knowledge!


When we heal, for example trauma from childhood, it can be healed, but if we allow the environment to still do the same today because we have not learned to speak out, choose well & stand up when we should, then various conditions will return or do not go away. In these cases, deeper courses are needed to learn to understand the choices you make in the core & what the results it gives. One may need to learn more about human rights, realize one's true high value, learn more knowledge about how to deal or get help with any mental illness, or become more aware of how the body is affected by our choices & actions in order to understand that we unconsciously co-create our lives through the choice of surroundings & what we accept around us, it affects us. I give my warmest recommendations to read the book: Depression by Joann Hari, as well as the book: The Lazy Way to a Fantastic Life by Gunnel Ryner .  


The research in epigenetics shows us that we can switch on & off parts of our genes around DNA to be active or not. Depending on the environment, or internal environment, such as the mindset and surroundings. We can promote healing, disconnect worse active genes & instead activate better functional genes and thus affect our own DNA more than we could ever imagine. In a good environment, a good internal environment or in a good developing & collaborative environment, neurons & synapses are activated in the right part of the brain, other healing & better functions are activated in our body, more of better substances are secreted such as for example oxytocin & seretonin which goes out into the blood which in itself creates a better & healthier environment in the blood for the whole body. Here, the body can finally start to heal itself! The cell biologist Bruce Lipton brings up very good & exciting information about this. 

If you instead look at a body in a hard & stressful environment (internal or external), the body's main focus is on producing cortisol & other stress substances, which eventually break down organs & cause certain functions to be lowered or turned off to automatically having to shift focus to functions that protect the body in survival mode. When we walk the path towards health & begin to reach a more peaceful body, the body can finally again have the opportunity to start focusing more on the creative functions, for example such as an active production of T cells (Immunoglobulin A) which protects the body greatly against viruses, bacteria & attack. Here, a person with inner health balance gets a very high immune system!


The more aware we humans become, the more we also begin to understand the results of our actions, you begin to understand other people better, can understand that people have blockages & you forgive more, BUT at the same time you set clearer boundaries to choose good things for yourself & loved ones. You understand & forgive but you don't accept it which are completely different things. You understand that love is not at all about exchanging parts of yourself & your health for the sake of others, that in the long run no one wins, especially not the children who need safe, present & healthy parents. You learn to set boundaries, why it's good to set healthy boundaries & that it doesn't mean you love a person less, but that you value your own health more & have learned that without your own mental health there isn't much left of us in the end. By daring to put your health first, you become a role model for others on how to create & stay healthy, you subconsciously show others how they can or are allowed to do the same, you are indirectly a pure inspiration for how they can proceed to create their own health if they want a beautiful day!

What does healthy, good & strong mental health look like?

You have learned to understand, respond, handle & know how to do well in bad situations/events.

 You have learned to value yourself highly & therefore set good boundaries in bad behaviors or environment.

 You have learned what good help looks like & take good help in things you cannot solve yourself or are stuck in.

 Collaboration is accepted to make life easier, more fun & to share the vital feeling of participation.

  You have learned to manage your emotions & thoughts in a healthy way, have control over your inner self & understand yourself.

 You have learned not to be codependent & everything that codependency really means.

  You process the old so that it doesn't affect the present negatively, when we could be doing well now!

  You see your co-creation in life & self-creation in that what you accept, you will get more of.

  You have learned to distinguish between what is your own responsibility and what is the responsibility of others.

  You have learned what genuine, good collaboration looks like & can take collaborative responsibility  in your interactions in that collaboration. 

  You have learned to give others good, but you have also learned to be able to demand good in return.​

  You have learned self-respect, self-worth, self-love & thus automatically gain increased sens of self.​

  You know and demand to live in your human rights for yourself and your children.

You truly deserve the best!

/ Healing Therapist & Medium Jenny Jahn

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