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Advanced course - Codependency, Narcissism & Addiction.

Advanced course - Codependency, Narcissism & Addiction.


♡ Professional knowledge

♡ To strengthen your mental health

♡ Personal development


    - Examples of how narcissism is created.

    - Why they behave the way they do.

    - Growing up as a child with narcissism produces similar results to growing up with alcoholism. It's all about their needs.

    - How to deal with them.

    - How do you know when it turns into addiction & co-dependency.

    - What does it mean to be codependent.

    - How to step out of it.


    When you make visible what creates problems, you can learn to handle, respond to, understand or prevent the problem in a much better way. ♡


    After ordering, you will be able to download the file with a link to the course. The course is immediately available after purchase & can be viewed again. ☆ (Subtitled video course - 30min)

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