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Healing & inner transformation


Together in our healing session, we can deeply TRANSFORM emotions, situations or vibrations into a much greater result for you! In the manifesting of change inside, changes outside are very fast.

Im holding love, bliss & honour you the way you are meant. You allow the healing & love to enter in the shadows of inner blockings, where we can't hold love alone, but meant to hold in love together. 💖 


I work carefully in the energetic field. Im using my mediumship, intuition, vibrations & biofeedback. 💎


Healing and all successful interactions in life are always a collaboration between us. I focus on embracing everything & you focus on what you want to change!

"What can we do, learn, transform today & changed future becomes inevitable"

Education: Medium & Healing class with Terry Evans, Angelic Medium Coaching with Birkan Tore, Psychology, Science & Quantum physics, Quantum Healing Touch, RTT Masterclass Marisa Peer, Anthony Robbins Online class, Work as medium on Sweden's biggest medium phoneline, Transforming healings & Master in Human rights. 💎

To empower & heal you:

♡ We transform loving changes within (in feeling/responses) & result of loving changes coming outside.
♡ When you meet a situation with healed energy flow inside, others inside, behavior & development are also affected.
♡ More self-powered & self-love radiating you! 🍀
♡ I especially work to transform traumas & inner pain into inner LOVE.
♡ I support you in inner clearing & releasing.
♡ Stronger connect your inner voice, intuition & greater hear solutions served around you!
♡ Works relaxing & healing.


• No refund.
• We use Zoom, an easy downloadable app for free.
• Link above to my online booking calendar, you choose a time within 2-6 days. Relax & focus to receive.♥
• I am Swedish & kindly asking for understanding in my effort to provide English for you.

Quantum Entanglement

I learned love & truly value myself, in my shadow as light (divine order) & so much more magic or miracles happens! 

---- Legal Disclaimer:

You must be 18 years or older to purchase.

​I have professional secrecy.

The information & session with me is for educational, loving support, self-healing & personal growth purposes only. Any decisions/actions made after a session are fully the responsibility of the client.

I keep my full rights to say no before or under a session anytime to my clients but only with full refund, considering of force majoure, flue or other important matter. I will cancel for any disrespectful or affected drugged behaviour (No refund).

I do not work with medical/financial/pregnancy/legal issues & I always recomend when needed to seek out medical and/or psychiatric care or treatment.

Light & Love
Jenny Jahn

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