Love Letter to You

STOP TRYING to think positive! 💥
- It's true love you seek! 💞
Love care & respect ALL our own inner STATES OF MIND!

 Imagine a PLANT as your body...
♡ If it withers, 🥀 it doesn’t matter how much positive thinking we do for it

if we don’t take loving actions for the better, nothing better will ever happen!

♡ If you only think & feel that you love it, but never showing up in true loving actions

FOR it, the entire plant, is STILL gonna die!

♡ And we give REAL negative/selfhate energy directed to our body when we blame birth

given functions, we blame the plant itself to be bad because it's dying or breaks down,

when it was seeking true caring love the whole entire time!

 Positive results is flowing into all systems when you DO better, loving

action FOR it, shows it deserves greater & raise it's value. 🌹

By watering

• Protect from harsh environment

• Let it grow fully authentic in peace

• Arranging a good ground

• Tenderly talking to it, release no longer useful air, a favorite to bloom more in.
👑 In this way, soon becomes a day, when you are a developed master,

of anything you want! 💎


💝 GIVE you true self love to flow within, equal in:
Tired or Strong
Exausted or Energized
Happy or Sad
Beautiful pretty fixed or Divine raw
Upset or Calm
Confused or Clear

- Just like we were born from the very start!
This gives a positiv loving life

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© 2023 by Divine. - Jenny Jahn