Love & Mind Transformation! Mental Health Healing Program
  • Love & Mind Transformation! Mental Health Healing Program

    💎 My full program in Mental Health! To self heal in love, mind, body, human rights & to greatly evolve today! 🩋 💖

    ♡ Loving & healing within.

    ♡ My own wakeupcall & way out.
    ♡ TRUE love, body longs for this! 💗

    ♡ Understanding how mental illness is created.

    -Addiction, Codependency & disorders.

    ♡ Mental Health, love, boundaries.
    ♡ Upfront, conscious & awakening.
    ♡ I have collect all that saved ME, to greatly SERVE YOU. 🍀
    ♡ Created from my heart to empower you, feel high valued & to fully start love yourself inside out!

    Welcome my dear soul family 💗 
    Love / Jenny Jahn 

    (Audio session 2H 52min.)
    NEW: 💖

    Education: Medium & Healing class with Terry Evans, Angelic Medium Coaching with Birkan Tore. Masterclass Donna Eden (Healer), Psychology, Science & Quantum physics, Quantum Healing Touch, RTT Masterclass Marisa Peer, Anthony Robbins Online class, Mike Mandell Hypnosis class, Own life-long knowledge, Work as medium (on Sweden's biggest medium phoneline), Work as transforming coach & Master in Human rights. đŸ’Ž
    ‱ No refund is able.
    ‱ Intensive & deep education, carefully explained.
    ‱ Take a cup of hot, enjoy & listen in focus, receive. ♄

    I learned to truly value & love myself, in my shadow as light (divine order), much more magic & miracle happens for me❣
    Quantum physics shows: We stay in energetic matches or transforms... Ready to join me❓

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