Hello my darling!

Welcome to a loving transformation together! When you work with me we can reach phenomenal results in healing.



Healed trauma in your heart/body/mind.

- The past event will no longer collide into present, you feel more ALIVE.

- You can think of the past event in now PEACEFUL, calm and better way today.

- It will CHANGE your automatically neuro-response into a healthier life!


Master your emotions.

- Transform RELIEF in your feelings, depression and relief in pain.

- Your being able to take new steps forward and walk in FREEDOM!

- Finally get RESULT! Working together WITH your emotions.


High standards = Right valued!  

- RELEASED blocks of others/things that stops you, start your personal growth.

- Energized and SELF empowering strength.

- How you put healthy BOUNDARIES in a heartloving communication.


Intuitive Coaching

- REVEALS more options around you!

- Open and expand your mind for creating new POSSIBILITIES for you.

- Reach your inside to know what you truly wants in ACTIONS!  


Heal into healthy relationships.

- Connect with others in a NEW way!

- How to see your TEAMPLAYERS.

- INSTANTLY know when to stay or to go.


My professional and loving support!


I invite you to a created life of grace, love, serenity and for you to reach your own unique flame!

Transformation and Intuitive Coaching - 120min

2 600,00 krPrice

    Education:  Medium & Intuition class with Terry Evans, Masterclass Donna Eden (Healer), Instanttransformation, Quantum healing touch, Silvermodellen-ledarskapsmodell, Anthony Robbins Onlineclass, Psychology, Kinesologi & Master in human rights.

    ♡ Your session will normally be booked together within 1-4 days.

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