Welcome to an loving transformation and intuitive coaching! 💗


❤ Healed trauma in body/mind.

🤲 Relief in your emotions.

💖 Filling you with true love.

💪 Self empowering strenght.

💜 Energetic released blocks into flow.

👑 Mastering your emotions!

💏 Learn loving relations! 

🦋 Transform to authentic high vibe.

⭐ High standards = be high valued!

💸 Better worth and money.

🧠 Divine learning tools!

🍀 Loving support in your goals!


💗 I invite you to a created life of grace, love, serenity and for you to reach your own unique flame!🔥


💎 Successful ones, does not stop by circumstances, they CREATE their own circumstances and faster with good help❣

Love Healing and Intuitive Soul Coach - 100min

4 000,00 krPrice

    Education:  Medium class Terry Evans, Masterclass Donna Eden (Healer), Instanttransformation, Quantum healing touch, Silvermodellen-ledarskapsmodell, Anthony Robbins Onlineclass, Psychology & Kinesologi & Human rights.

  • My time for one to one transformations are very limited, and only for womens who are ready to fully invest in their health of heart, mind, body & Soul!

    - YOU, who are ready to go beyond the illutions of old learnings, instead raise to full power and finally learn the way to healing, happiness and get a fulfilled true loving life!

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