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- A rare professional knowledge.
The knowledge took me from the bottom to the top of my life, to regain my inner creative power, build mental health and a fantastic fine life! 

This one is for you!
- If it's something I want to leave in a legacy to all children - THIS IS IT!

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Chapter 1. - How illness is created, disempowered human, disorders, narcissism.

Chapter 2. - Powerfully meet manipulation.

Chapter 3. - Reality about mental abuse, addiction and codependency.

Chapter 4. - Authentic, the best & fastest way to get all your needs met!

Chapter 5. - Emotion & Thoughts, to become your greatest servant!

Chapter 6. - Communication, to reach behind others automatic defense brain.

Chapter 7. - Healthy relations.

Chapter 8. - Parenting Goldmine.

Chapter 9. - Professional self-recovering tool. It shows quick results in brain scan.

Chapter 10. - Spiritual hideouts.

Chapter 11. - Self-love, in the best way to give more love to others.

(Education on 5h 11min.)

Mental Health Full Heal - Mindblowing

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    Im a professional, in human rights, love, mind, body, heart, in own energy & soul mastery. ♡


    Education: Medium & Intuition class with Terry Evans, Masterclass Donna Eden (Healer), Psychology, Science & Quantum physics, Doctors, Quantum healing touch, Instant transformation,Silvermodellen-ledarskapsmodell, Anthony Robbins Online class, Kinesiology & Life-long learning. 

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