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I invite you to a created a life of grace, love, serenity & to reach your own flame!

Transformation and Intuitive Coaching - 100min

3 600,00 krPrice

    Im a professional, in human rights, love, mind, body, heart, in own energy & soul mastery. ♡


    Education:  Medium & Intuition class with Terry Evans, Masterclass Donna Eden (Healer), Psychology, Science & Quantum physics, Doctors,  Quantum healing touch, Instant transformation, Silvermodellen-ledarskapsmodell, Anthony Robbins Online class, Kinesiology & Life-long learning.

    ♡ Your session will normally be booked together within 1-4 days.

  • My time for 1 to 1 sessions are limited and only for YOU who are ready to fully invest with your heart, mind, body & Soul!


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