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My journey

Hello dear & welcome to my place. I started up in October 2023 & it's time for me to make a big dream come true!

For as long as I can remember, I have always been interested in healing, but having grown up in harsh enviroment, I have been determined to heal myself first.

Further back in time, my close friend passed away from cancer at only 30 years old. I was completely devastated & the way I looked at life was completely turned upside down. Among other things, I realized the importance of having good people to share life's journey with the time we get, as well as not to underestimate the power you have by giving support & presence to others. Like when she refused to go to town shaved, after losing her long blonde hair, I shaved off all my hair and said - If I can, so can you!

Losing her, made me realize that I have to live my life to the fullest & do things that I dreamed of. I went to a medium class with Terry Evans (mediumship, personal development, leadership, healing) something I wanted to do for a long time but didn't do, once I got there my life changed drastically, both spiritually & I learned about what codependency means (when you take on the responsibility of others, you thereby prevent their own development in taking responsibility & that you are complicit in helping others to continue in abuse or bad behavior by not setting healthy boundaries). 

- That what you accept is what you will get more of. 

Afterwards, I had to examine myself, everything I grew up in & make a personal choice to stand fully in health, true love & to start demanding it. As a result, I lost many of those close to me who preferred to remain in addiction, violent or abusive behaviors, they simply could not see how they were creating unhealthiness around them. Leaving, not because I loved someone less but because I value my own health more & that without my mental health there is no me!

Genuine & healthy love between people, is when both have selfless care, compassion, loving & heartfelt actions, can respect boundaries, give each other security, safely express the innermost & know that both will do EVERYTHING in the will to try to understand each other, allow it best for each other, take professional help when there are painful things or beginning of harmful things, to be able to see each other's high value, & can thus together reach a deep inner connection that gives both peace of mind in the relationship. It creates a magical place in life to experience & it is an uplifting energy that makes us so much stronger!

- We live the best but also longest the more positive & meaningful relationships we have around us.

Today I am strong in standing up for my human rights & my children are strong in that too. What you are, do & stand for leaves ripples in the water on your future generation. 

Although I mourned their loss, I will never forget the relief my body felt when we lost touch. Life was so much calmer without the constant drama & without the acceptance of their bad behavior. Life became more peaceful, I could hear myself more, focus more on my own creation & on what I myself needed to change further to walk the path to full health.

I went in a whole new direction... or rather, into a whole new life!


Here began my great journey of learning about mental health, I studied psychology, courses, went to therapy & did inner healing work for several years to build a leading life in health, self-worth, self-respect & self-love. Finally things loosened up, I came home to myself as a person & in my sens of self. In recent years I have been able to apply all the professional knowledge I learned & reach much deeper inside with a disciplined work (hours per day), training focus, intuition, vibrations, frequencies, transforming, connecting, coherence in waves & energies. All that makes my unique healing therapy possible today!

- My purpose is to invite, connect, create & grow together in this magic! 

 Healing Therapist & Medium Jenny Jahn

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