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If there's anything I've learned on the journey, it's that we are co-creators in life!

Getting intuitive guidance, someone who intuitively reads the energies in areas we ourselves have closed off our own intuition, it can lift us up, guide us inwardly & illuminate our inner desires, which in turn can help us know more or provide increased clarity when we stand in front of our choices and actions in the present, then be able to co-create the best way forward. For me (and in quantum physics as well) visions & energy ahead are more of strong future possibilities, they are only pre-conditions because depending on how our consciousness looks at that moment, we believe or expect a certain way, then we act, reacts accordingly & with automatic following results.

If we want or not satisfied, we can create a completely different result by shifting & expanding our consciousness! When we shift, expand in our mind, we also shift things in the body & we unconsciously get a new perspective on how to look at things. Our inside has changed but also our outside, a response as a result of our inner change. In other words, a new awareness makes us expect things in a different way now, we have new things into our belief system, for example; we can get new improved intentions behind our actions, or get a new improved state of mind that leads to when we do our usual things everything is still met from within in a new way, in waves, energies and so on. All this comes automatically with new following results!

So..  we can either continue to wait several years for things we want to happen & thus limit ourselves, because we give away our own creative power by allowing ONLY external things to happen in order to finally be able to change within us. In other words, that events & forces outside of us need to work all alone to fight all of our limited belief systems & old mind states to hopefully lead us to reach a bigger or better change within that sets us up for all the best that will or can come into our life within our time. Travels on the outside always lead us inward in the end, forcing us to reflect inside to get ready, to be able to see the steps you need to take, to be able to handle the things we want, to be a good match to good things we desire, how to keep them & at the same time find out WHAT we really want!

We can therefore co-create by ALSO working on our inner self, standing in our creative power & realizing ourselves!

When we expand, shift into a new & better awareness, which my healing therapy helps with, we can get ready to accomplish things in 1 year, that would otherwise have taken us 10 years to achieve in an old blocked state of the mind.

- Time does not apply to shifts, a shift can take place instant!

The reason it takes time, or that we don't get there at all in a blocked state of mind, is that we don't develop ourselves, we stay in old beliefs without breaking free by for example; not getting good help when you're stuck or we have things that subconsciously limit us such as: 

- Fears that make us not dare to take necessary steps out of things, or not dare to take steps towards what we want.

- For example we can't see which steps are right to take forward, we fight & fight but in the wrong place or in a completely wrong way to get good subsequent results.

- We can have an unhealthy attitude towards it, which gives wrong intentions behind the actions & which leads to an incorrect result.

- Or you subconsciously believe that you are not worth all the beautoful things you want, etc.

But it's NEVER the question that you don't deserve the best, you always ARE! 

What creates the problem is rather that we ourselves believe that we are not worth it & that we have given away our own creative power to change what we believe, we allow ourselves to only be & become a result of our surroundings, meaning your surroundings have determined how you have become and still determines how or whether you change for better or worse! 

If instead we take the power into our own hands & choose to transform ourselves into who we want to be, realize that you are not really a fixed unchanging person "this is me" (which is a fixed mindset that renounces development), but instead know that you are constantly shaped, developed & changed as a person, that we humans are malleable & that certain "parts" of ourselves must disappear so that new better "parts" can be created there. Here you work inwardly with yourself, changing the foundation, in patterns that have become from the outside, by building a new foundation from the inside of the brain, heart & mind that allows you to finally reach all the things you want without the limitations & thus reach greatest success!

Among the absolute best ways to expand (manifest) is to feel that you are already where you want to reach. Everything is already within reach (in wave & vibration) for you to connect with, i.e. feel as if you are connected with it even before it has happened. When you have worked so that you ARE connected to it, you get a feeling that you know you will get it & feel secure in it (you no longer think about whether it will happen or not) which is the straight path to it! (You have programmed right down into your subconscious that you are already there, so the body & mind will automatically follow, wanting to do all the things that lead there, at the same time you are also vibrationally matched to it which makes things happen in it external that leads to it coming to you & this amazes me every time that it is even possible.  Sometimes it can take several shifts or treatment to bend several old belief systems & blockages to then be ready & connect to it.

- Our own creative power is truly an extraordinary way to become powerful, get ready for things you dream about extremly much faster & sometimes already instant!

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