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SCIENCE & QUANTUM PHYSICS: Today we know that we influence each other through brain waves, heart waves & energies. We even know today that when we talk to a plant, we impact it!


There are many different methods of healing that go under one name, below you will find a more scientific explanation of the technique that I use.


Two people's brain waves can synchronize with each other & connect in a deeper way together (you feel a deep sense of understanding between each other). Heart waves can also connect with each other in a similar way (you feel a deep sense that they like you). When two similar waves come together, they are amplified into a new stronger wave (constructive interference), which means that together & connected we become stronger in our waves!


If we take it a step further, it has been shown that you can connect your own heart waves & brain waves together, by keeping something called coherence, which means you bring yourself to be in a state of pure love within. Your waves change into a better structure because all of the waves create a smoother wave pattern together & amplifies, it creates a better balance & flow inside you, you become calmer, see things more clearly, you become more harmonious, etc. The fact is that we can influence other people with our coherence when they choose to connect with us (usually guidance for them to the presence is needed first), then the coherence can balance them in the same way.

This can sometimes happen automatically, when someone has a huge love for us & something bad happens to us, that person enters with all the love for us in the situation (in coherence) which changes our own brain waves & heart waves to be more balanced again (rather than completely out of sync due to fears for example), all of a sudden we feel better, feel more stable, more ready & encouraged again, just by their presence! That is the power of pure love from the heart!

The best thing is that this can be trained! The longer you can maintain coherence & the stronger love you can apply in it, the greater impact & better results you get on yourself & together with others who connect with you here. I also feel that it becomes easier to reach when you have enormous self-love built into you, in the form of self-respect, care, compassion & self-worth, that vibrations or waves become even stronger when both the mind, brain, body & heart go into massive coherence & everything is amplified!

It is the institute HeartMath that made the scientific breakthrough, and shows us the importance of when our heart waves & brain waves work synergistically together inside, by keeping a big "core" of love in the heart, all our waves synchronize into a coherence and create a powerful vibrating field, which reaches out meters around us!

In coherence, we become more peaceful, intuitive, clear in mind, more aware, feel safe & more open to seeing solutions. We are in more loving & transformative waves within that automatically attract better outside of us, while it also having an amazing & healing effect on every particle of us.

- My purpose is to invite, connect, create & grow together in this magic!

For those who want to read & learn more;

Therapy & Psychology: 

At psychologymedmera you will find a fantastic good place to learn more about the importance of keeping synchronization, space, presencecompassion & love for a successful & healing treatment. You will also find information on healing tools such as memory reconsolidation, a professional & therapeutic knowledge that you can use yourself  (see my free course here).

Exciting articles about energy medicine & healing:

Karolinska Institutet article & research in Energy Medicine, 

Healing by Gun Bjerling - University of Nursing in Borås. 

Healing is today approved as wellness care in Sweden. (Skatteverket)

Quantum Physics & Science: 

In quantum physics & science, we can learn more about how we influence each other in energies, vibrations, particles, etc. Take for example the "observer effect" which means that we influence the matter around us through HOW we observe it, so you now know that how you look at things (expectation/perspective) affects the outcome. Another interesting thing is about atoms and particles when you zoom in fully, it shows nothing but vibrations & space, that we are not even solid materia! We can learn more about "double split experiment" (how particles dissolve & become waves when no one observes them) & learn about "entanglement" (when particles become entangled with each other, they affect each other regardless of distance). Like for example distance healing, it could be a perfect explanation of why distance healing works.

Placebo & hypnosis:

Today we will learn more about how we can through what we believe in (with placebo) create our own real pain blockers in the brain ( Placebo effect |, & about the impressive fact that some operations now have hypnosis to use instead of anesthesia. It takes us to a place where we realize that our bodies & minds are capable of so much more than what we ever imagined!

Welcome to the world of possibilities!

/Healing Therapist & Medium  Jenny Jahn

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