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Welcome to Green Love, your organic skincare.

Green Love uses some of the best techniques available to produce powerful, nourishing, and organic skincare products. Our natural range contains a huge spectra of phytonutrients, herbs, enzymes, and vitamins, called bioactive. Every product contains a very uniqe anti ageing marine algae, it truly boost your collagen. Your skin absorbs a large amount of what you apply to it, and we have created a strong natural skincare based on the energy of quantum physics that balances, protects, and helps your skin remain healthy in our modern environment. Everything is mixed by hand and produced in Sweden. We stand for luxurious, holistic, vegan skincare.

We are one of the Nordic region’s leading brands in active natural skincare made using CO2. CO2’s high vibrant in our natural skincare is very unique and we work at the cutting edge of herbal, bioactive, organic skincare and beauty. Our supercritical oils (CO2) are produced in Germany, France and Finland using high pressure; an environmentally-friendly method capable of extracting greater quantities of beneficial substances and enzymes and that, with an extremely low temperature, also retains vital phytonutrients, unlike other methods. Our finished products are packaged in black Miron glass containers from Holland to preserve them naturally by keeping UV light out. This keeps the herbs active for months. Our products contain 100-percent-genuine ingredients, giving you top value for every ounce inside your jar or bottle. "A little goes a long way."

The products are suitable both summer/winter, to protect your skin. After sun rays and bath to restore the sebum and in the winter to keep the moist intact and protect from the cold weather.

Ekologisk hudvård naturlig hudvård vegansk hudvård

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Our product is not tested on animals.
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Organic skincare, vegan skincare, natural skincare, herbal skincare.
Ekologisk hudvård, naturlig hudvård, vegansk hudvård i Elle magasin 
Ekologisk hudvård naturlig hudvård vegansk hudvård

Ekologisk hudvård naturlig hudvård vegansk hudvård

Ekologisk hudvård naturlig hudvård vegansk hudvård

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