About My Journey

EDUCATION TERRY EVANS: A trip through time and space. We worked intensively on evolving in the following areas: - Intuition, - Healing, - Meditation, - Channeling Mediumship, - Mental leadership, - Psychometric, - Personal development.

GUIDANCE: It can lift up and provide guidance for the inner will, which in turn stands for choices and changes now. For me, visions are more of strong future opportunities. If we think things happen without doing anything we can fall into a trap of procrastination and if repeatedly go to a medium to demand answers about the possible energy in front of you instead of actually taking responsibility to get there, it stands still. Energy ahead, are in my opinion (and quantum physics) only preconditions, because depending on how your consciousness looks in the present, you act in a certain way, changed consciousness with means changed actions and intentions behind - New loving steps gives new loving result!

"The best way to predict their future is to create it" - Abraham Lincoln

The difference is - Knowing the path you want to go - choosing to walk it AND taking all the help you can to stay in it!

Successful people do not stay in their circumstances, they create their own circumstances and faster with good help.

If we stop, don't dare to take steps and evolve, we automatically postpone the change. Taking steps can also be about getting out of bad patterns first of all, if we stay in them, accepting something that is below our value as a human being, we subconsciously show that this is what we want to stay in and showing that we not ready to demand better for ourselves, we stop personal growth to improving actions! 

Love as respect, caring and tenderness can only grow in a loving place.


Learn what your choices, steps and actions really leads: away OR towards your dreams, is called divine consciousness and when you become conscious in this, you can shape your life in an extremely magical way!

"Intuition is a sacred gift & rationality mind a faithful servant" - Albert Einstein

I mastered my way out of rock bottom! 

I got child abuse in adult's mental illness, their big addictions and body violence. As young I got into a depression and I lost myself with no self-worth.

Younger... I lost my first company, I was way too naive and I did not claim my high worth or fair paid boundaries for all Investors! I lost relatives to illness in addictions, lost my close friend in cancer and also lost my beloved grandmother.

When my heart cracked wide open, I found the core of me!

THIS was the start to an exceptional relearning of what life is really about and I learned knowledge of how to heal the entire mind, body & soul back to life! Strength to build safety, serenity and focus to let me and my children to be fully respected, supported and truly loved! 

Today I ONLY cooperate and accepting the very best!

I’m a living proof, that when I care in love for ALL of my emotions! 

(NOT hide problems with positive thinking) But ONLY truthfully admit any shitty parts AND fully separate what's good or bad will instantly make you  

- Able to do changes directly in the right area!

- Show what you really are creating by actions!

- Get fast into a healthy spot of good results.

- Easier build a magical, loving, and stunning

beautiful life for you & the loved ones.

Today, I have transformed, I learned divine expertise, professional skills, I found core loving solutions to life & my very high self-worth!

I devote my love and passion to assist you,

my soul clients to very same success!

"I put my mental Health above, without it, there will be no me" - Jenny Jahn

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