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Luxurious active healing oils.


Love & respectful innovations - Our bioactive healing line works from the inside out. We go behind the surface & formulate with exclusive plants that deeply activates the very own function of repair, growth & rebuild. I know a healthy system underneath provides a healthy & radiant top. 💖

We are unique, small & handcrafted with full control over each step in production. We use some of the best modern techniques to give you a powerful & nourishing product. Our organic range contains a huge spectrum of phytonutrients, enzymes, vitamins & patented bio-actives that are clinically proven to work. Our healing care is giving you a top value for every ounce inside. 💎​


This brilliant products are created for all animals, nature & the planet. I require it's to be safe, edible, food grade, vegan & allergen-free. Knowing we ONLY deliver the purest, safest product everywhere & anywhere! 

"One of the best organic healing care in the world."

"From seed to flowers."

We have selected nourishing ingredients with well-known properties. Several studies have also been conducted on the plants themselves as a unique activity. The raw materials have been carefully chosen to provide effective care that goes beyond the ordinary! See all our ingredients & the manufacturers own descriptions here.

GREEN ELECTRICITY: We demand & use only solar power.

CO2: Supercritical extract, a raw material obtained through pressure, without high heat or chemicals. An environmentally-friendly method of production, it preserves maximal enzymes, elements, and vitamins, creating a deeply-penetrating, active, and pure oil extract.

MIRON GLASS: We use Miron glass containers. Miron glass prevents light in & is undoubtedly the best product on the market, with fully-documented efficacy concerning the preservation of the raw materials’ properties. The glass protects against rapid decomposition, rancidity, & oxidation. This means that your products stay fresh longer & that the plants stay active. Miron is expensive glass, but it's supberb quality makes it well worth it.

WILD HARVESTED & ORGANIC CERTIFIED: While we are striving for ingredients with a organic certification we also know so many beautiful plants or like clay, minerals, salt & water that cannot be organic certified. So, we strive to collect the best quality & wild harvested plants by supporting artisanal cooperatives around the world.

- We bring all these ingredients into a miracle in a bottle!