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Bioactive - Healing - Probiotics - Active - Allergen free -  Food grade - Vegan - Mammal/Water Safe 

Our unique beautiful concept: I create the products with Love, Passion & Respectful innovations - It works from the inside out and we go behind the surface of types, instead we formulate in a perfect way to activate our very own function of repair, growth, lift & to rebuild the structure in matrix. We know a healthy system underneath, provides a glowing health on top. It's edible, extremely genuine & totally works wonder!

We are a small artisanal company with full control over each step in production. We use some of the best modern techniques available to give powerful and nourishing products. Our bioactive organic range contains a huge spectra of phytonutrients, probiotics, enzymes, vitamins &  active golden supreme of Lakesis and Marine Vital C. 

Our products contain only a 100-percent-genuine solid loving ingredients, giving you top value for every ounce inside.

The beginning of this magical products: I was borne with water eczema and I always needed the very best in safe care. I was 12 years old when I first created my own golden calendula cream from the fresh flowers in our gren field.

My precious products have evolved through time, and today they are phenomenal!

This brilliant line is created in consideration for all mammals on the planet. I require it's to be edible safe for animals, vegan and knowing I deliver ONLY the purest and safest to get anywhere on earth. We choose to remember that ALL products are passing through every day in our precious water, we simply match that safety! 

"We are surrounded by Atlantic crystal and powerful gemstones. These spread joy, healing,

and infuse our masterpieces with greater energy for you to experience. "

CAREFULLY-SELECTED: We consult the MSDS, COA and IFRA allergen-lists to ensure the best quality.

FREE FROM PERFUME: We do not use any perfumes in our products.

CO2: Supercritical extract, a raw material obtained through pressure, without high heat or chemicals. An environmentally-friendly method of production, it preserves maximal enzymes, elements, and vitamins, creating a deeply-penetrating, active, and pure oil extract. Here you will find scents made ​​from organic CO2 extraction.

MIRON GLASS: We use Miron glass containers. Miron glass prevents light from entering the container, and is undoubtedly the best product on the market, with fully-documented efficacy concerning the microbiological effect and the preservation of the raw materials’ properties. The glass protects against rapid decomposition, rancidity, and oxidation. This means that your products stay fresh longer and that the herbs stay active. The image shows tomatoes that were stored for seven months in two jars exposed to direct sunlight. The result of a test of Miron glass’ properties that exposed herbs to sunlight for two months is shown in this image. Miron is expensive glass, but its superb quality makes it well worth the price.

NON-GMO: We strictly require NO genetically-modified products.

GIVING. We believe in spreading love. Ten percent of the company’s profit, goes to supporting animals, children & our natural environment. 

FOLLOW: GMP & IFRA guidelines.

GREEN ELECTRICITY: From a company that only produces energy using solar power.

IN MANUFACTURING:  We always strive to work at temperatures below 42 degrees Celsius (107.6° F), melting our products in water baths and handmade divine artisanal Power.

"Amazing results! Read in the brochures below."

- Exclusive bio-actives that are clinically-proven to work. In vivo & in vitro -


Producer’s fact - One of the best anti-wrinkle effect. Contains antioxidants, fatty acids (omega), pigments but also vitamins (A, E, B1, B3 ...) which can be used in cosmetic products to fight against dry skin and free radicals or help cell regeneration. They can have detoxifying properties and can slow cellular ageing. It is a powerful anti-wrinkle active which strongly stimulates production of structural skin proteins. Tests showed the capacity to stimulate cellular proliferation which significantly increased collagen synthesis by 19.3% using a 2% concentration in only 24 hours compared to an untreated control sample. Because of the risk of pollution in the seas, the producer grows the micro algae in an eco-facility in Italy. This not only guarantees purity of the algae but also means that the eco balance of the oceans are not disturbed by uncontrolled harvesting.  In vitro: *Significantly decreases wrinkle depth and volume already after 1 month of use. (VEGAN! - Always in our care)

LAKESIS - Pistacia Lentiscus

Producer’s fact - Lakesis reactivates the youth proteins Klotho and Foxo to restart cellular activity and re-densify the dermis. Human fibroblasts 54 years of age regain the characteristics of fibroblasts of a 37 year old. The skin appears younger and thicker. The contours of the face become redefined. A precious oil from crystallized tears collected from the Pistacia Lentiscus tree, native to the isle of Chios in Greece. Our laboratory tests have shown that the protein Klotho, now considered by scientists as THE NEW YOUTH PROTEIN is expressed to a lesser and lesser degree in human fibroblasts as cellular ageing progresses. Therefore increasing Klotho synthesis represents a new way to combat ageing of the skin.


Producer’s fact - Probiotic technology works to calm the immune triggers, which can be overstimulated by stress and pollution. Protects the skin by preventing the growth of harmful bacteria.

We have selected nourishing ingredients with well-known properties. Several studies have also been conducted on the plants themselves as a unique activity. The raw materials have been carefully chosen to provide effective care that goes beyond the ordinary.

Aloe Vera powdered juice, freeze-dried (Aloe barbadensis) Australia  *Organic certified 

- Calming and anti-inflammatory. Contains antioxidants and helps renew cells. Increases the skin’s ability to retain moisture. Bio-active substances, vitamins (including vitamins E, C), minerals, zinc, and enzymes.

Broccoli seed oil (Brassica oleracea italic) EU *Organic certified 

- Cold pressed from the seeds of broccoli that is odorless, unrefined, extra virgin, and is pale green in color. The oil is light, non-greasy, and it is easily absorbed. The fatty acid composition of broccoli seed oil is unique and is composed of approximately 50% Erucic Acid. 

Barbery fig/Prickly pear, unrefined & cold-prsd. (Opuntia ficus-indica L) Morocco *Organic certified 

- This oil undoubtedly has one of the rarest compositions of any oil and is one of the most expensive to acquire. In its cold-pressed, raw form, the oil contains delta-7-stigmasterol, vitamins, tocopherols, and enzymes that help skin stay moisturized. A thin, deeply-penetrating oil that suits even the most sensitive skin types. Anti-aging, soothing, and utterly amazing. We just adore it!

Blueberry Nordic CO2 (Vaccinium myrtillus in *Rosmarinus officinalis/*Heliantus annuus). Finland. Wild-grown and organic, *Organic certified.

- Offers a wide range of natural tocopherol and tocotrienol isomers (natural forms of vitamin E) which help effectively protect the skin against free radicals. Rich in essential fatty acids and phytosterols. Unique anti-aging preparation that protects the skin.

Calendula CO2 (Calendula officinalis) Germany *Organic certified 

- Soothing for dry skin. Spoken about in Marie Trebens herb book as among nr 1 anti cancer activity herb. Contains pentacyclic triterpene alcohols and triterpendiol monoesters, including faradiol esters. Faradiol esters have significant anti-inflammatory properties. Sterols and carotenes. Stimulates the skin’s natural recovery process. Bioactive. CO2 extract contains more components from the original plant, resulting in more powerful, rich, and unique active ingredients.


Candelilla wax, raw (Euphorbia cerifera) Mexico. Wild-grown and naturally produced

- Our candelilla wax is only produced by separation using boiled water about ten times and is naturally filtered. It is raw and smells divine, with a sweet, honey-like scent, very unlike the refined varieties.

Jojoba oil, cold-prsd. & unrefined (Simmondsia chinensis) Argentina *Organic certified 

- A golden liquid wax, stable and a scent-bearer. Binds moisture to the skin and is soothing and protective. Includes gadoleic acid found naturally in the fat, which balances the sebum in skin.

Lingonberry Nordic CO2 (Vaccinium vitis-idaea in *Rosmarinus officinalis/*Heliantus annuus). Finland. Wild-grown and organic, *Organic certified.

- Skin-lightening and extremely rich in essential fatty acids, phytosterols, and antioxidants. The alpha linolenic acid content of this oil is one of the highest found among berries and constitutes about 85 percent overall. Essential acids are important for a balanced skin metabolism. Anti-inflammatory properties.

Myrica wax, raw (Myrica Cerifera Fruit) Colombia. Wild-grown and naturally produced

Vegan always. Myrica fruit wax is produced through sustainable methods and harvested by local farmers in a process monitored by the Union for Ethical Bio Trade. The Harvested Fruit is then exported to Germany where the production process into the wax pellets takes place.

Raspberry CO2 (Rubus Idaeus) USA  *Organic certified 

- Smells lovely, but is actually used as a food. Filtered in oil using high pressure CO2, the result of amazing scent in oil but no allergens included. Totally safe and edible.

Rosehip berry CO2 (Rosa canina) Germany  *Organic certified 

- Contains a beautiful fatty acid composition, just like that of the CO2 from its seeds (see below). Vitamins, tocopherol, and caretoids. Good for dry skin and a good anti-aging oil. Vitamin A is prominent and retinoic acid (clinically-proven) works against the signs of aging and acne. CO2 extract contains more components from the original plant, resulting in more powerful, rich, and unique active ingredients.

Strawberry CO2 (Fragaria ananassa) USA  *Organic certified 

- Smells lovely, but is actually used as a food. Filtered in oil using high pressure CO2, the result of amazing scent in oil but no allergens included. Totally safe and edible.



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